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Furnace Repair and Maintenance

How Do I Know if My Furnace Needs Repairs or Maintenance and Who Should I Contact?
Your Furnace system not providing enough heat or blowing cold air instead, it’s the time may be time for furnace replacing your existing old furnace with a high-efficiency up to 98%. Let us be your service experts and find out about the troubleshooting of your furnace. A furnace that is creating lots of noise, high in fuel consumption, and not enough power. You need to make sure it is safe and reliable through harsh winter with guaranteed service by Alliance Energy Source since 1999.



What Pepole Say About Us...

  • ‏The company has an experienced and expert team. They performed repairs and installation in excellent quality and at a time less than my expectation and I am really satisfied with their performance.     Martin
  • I Didn’t have any heat for the near year eve, contact them and came along the day after and fixed everything really fast and the same day. Recommend them to everyone.   Aironze

  • We r happy to service and installation. They are so friendly people and helpful. They r knowledgeable company and they sell it good brands and very well mentioned service good.  Ed

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What's need to be done in a Furnace Maintenance?

  • Test motor amps Check high limit control (adjust as needed)
  • Test ignitor resistance, Test motor amps Check high limit control (adjust as needed
  • Replacement of filter provided by the customer while on-site at the time of inspection
  • Clean flame sensor/thermocouple
  • inspect gas lines and connections at furnace/boiler for leaks
  • Check and adjust manifold gas pressure
  • Inspect burner ignition system and assembly
  • Inspect gas burners
  • Check and calibrate thermostat as required

Furnace Maintenance

Tune-up and maintenance of your furnace could be helpful for you in a long plan to prevent any unwanted repair cost or replacement surprise. There is always the right choice to have annual furnace service with qualified HVAC company through best and experts and knowledgeable, licensed, and insured technicians. The user manual always can keep you informed about steps of needed to take in order to get your heating system to be up and running efficiently and smoothly. If you have any problem that needs to be solved or addressed by technicians, please let us know and we will be there for you and your comfort.


Things to Check on Your Furnace Before You Call Us

You need to have some visual examination by yourself – it would be helpful for experts when you can provide some self-examination tips.

  • Check your control thermostat, make sure it is on HEAT and battery its sufficient (if applies)
  • Check your main Furnace power if it has not been turned off by accident.
  • Check your discharge venting if covered by snow
  • Check your furnace drain (if Applies) to make sure its draining condensation.

Service Warranty

Our Labor service warranty will cover up to 1 month. And a part warranty applies to Manufacture policy for parts warranties. There is always a hard time for claiming warranty, we are here for you to provide A to Z service. We will take care of all warranty paperwork and submissions. Call us today to have our experts at your place for any HVAC needs.