Fantech Heat Recovery Ventilator

Fantech is a well-known HRV manufacturer which have a huge variety of HRV systems with many options. Fantech HRV’s are built of the quality and efficiency. We have gathered a range of HRVs by Fantech So that you can have the best design and quality selected for you.

Flex 100H

Ideal for high-rise apartments, condominiums, single and multi family homes up to 7 bedrooms

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Fit 120H

Low profile HRV is ideally suited for condos and apartments

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Side port connection HRV for budget conscious 3-5 bedroom house projects

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Fantech’s most popular HRV for home projects, the VHR 150 is designed for higher static pressure applications.

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Fantech’s side port connection HRV for house projects demanding a higher efficiency at very cold temperatures.

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As Fantech’s most compact Energy Star qualified.

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