Lennox Ductless Mini Split

Explore here a complete range of Lennox Duct mini split systems. Lennox Duct split system are highly competent, their versatile heat pump will fill the floor with cooling refresh air.

MS8Z Mini-Split Heat Pump

The MS8Z heat pump offers a versatile, energy-efficient way to cool or heat specific rooms in your home. This Multi-Zone Mini-Split system can address comfort issues in each of these rooms, all with a single outdoor unit.

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MS8C Mini-Split Air Conditioner

The MS8C delivers quiet, efficient cooling to a specific room in your house—perhaps a sunroom that’s just a little too warm, or a room addition that isn’t connected to your ductwork. With its ductless design, any room can be comfortable without a complicated installation.

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MS8H Mini-Split Heat Pump

During cooler months, the MS8H collects heat from the outdoor air and delivers cozy warmth to a specific room in your house. In warmer weather the process reverses, allowing the MS8H to cool the same room to a comfortable temperature. So every season, you can enjoy efficient comfort in any room.

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