Gas Furnace vs a Heat Pump


Both Gas Furnace and Heat Pumps are widely used in houses as a heating source. Heat Pump systems run on electricity and are excellent for houses in mild weather. Heat pumps are significantly more energy-efficient when associated with a gas furnace. The installation cost of a heat pump usually takes less than a gas furnace. […]

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Which Furnace Filter is the best?

Which Furnace Filter is the best for your house

The most obvious method to determine what type of furnace filter you need is to check the part number or size presented somewhere on the old filter.  It’s important to change your home furnace filter regularly for two reasons. First, the condition of the air you inhale will suffer if the filter gets dirty. A […]

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7 signs to change furnace

1- Your furnace is sounding strange Furnaces can be somewhat loud, but if that sound gets louder over time, then you might want to consider a replacement. Possible important signs can come in the form of: Rattling: This can indicate that the unsecured ductwork, loose screws, sheet metal or even the lower furnace engine is […]

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Bradley Snyder as Senior Vice President of the Goodman Business

goodman heating and cooling

HVAC News Bradley (Brad) Snyder has been named Senior Vice President and President of the Goodman Business Unit for Goodman Manufacturing Company. HOUSTON — Bradley (Brad) Snyder has been named Senior Vice President and President of the Goodman Business Unit for Goodman Manufacturing Company, L.P. effectively immediately. The move coincides with the announcement that Satoru […]

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Variable speed furnace for home

 Variable Speed Furnace and why should I choose it for my home?We’re Glad You Asked!There are many reasons for choosing a variable speed furnace, but the main reason is comfort. The term “variable speed” refers to the furnace’s fan motor, which moves at different speeds to precisely control the flow of heated and cooled air […]

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Top 10 Common Heating & Furnace Problems

Top 10 common heating & Furnace problems

  These are list of top 10 common heating & furnace problems: Thermostat: Make sure it’s ON Try to Reset Furnace Circuit Breaker Gas Line Problem Check and Change Your old Filter Inspect Your Vents around the house Watch the Burner Flames Furnace Blower Works Continuously Furnace Does Not Blow Air Check and Clean Debris […]

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Satisfaction guaranteed by award-winning HVAC Contractor


For 15 years, GTA business Alliance Energy Source has guaranteed premium service, HVAC products and customer satisfaction. With their dedication to clients’ happiness, it’s no surprise they have been recognized by Lennox International Inc. and presented with awards. Positive reviews and ratings have been pouring in and Alliance’s popularity is growing, making them one of […]

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