4 Types Of Hvac Units For A Mobile Home


There are several differences between mobile homes and regular homes. These differences also translate into the type of HVAC system you need to consider. Mobile homes typically require a smaller HVAC system. The HVAC installation, Hvac repair, and HVAC service are also different for mobile homes when compared to regular homes.

If you live in a mobile home and are thinking of getting HVAC installation for your home, here are the 4 types of units you should consider:

window air conditioner system

This is one type but it’s nowhere close to the option you should be considering for your mobile home. It’s small enough to fit comfortably in your mobile home, but it’s also loud. You don’t want an annoying noise to resound throughout your home when the system is on, do you? These units are also not energy efficient. They can cool a limited area at any given time, so if you want to experience a cooling effect throughout your home, this isn’t the best choice for you. If you want to cool several rooms, you’ll need many window air conditioner systems and this could get expensive.  

Central air conditioner system

If you have a forced air furnace system in your mobile home, you can make use of a central air conditioner system. Heat from the internal home environment is taken and transported outdoors for release in such a system. The air that gets cooled is then circulated through the air conditioner ducts. Such systems are cost-effective and in popular use today.  

Ductless mini-split unit

If your mobile home doesn’t have any existing ductwork or if the ducts are damaged and require central ac  replacement, this unit is perfect for you. Here, an individual unit is installed in the section of the home you want to heat and cool. The unit inside is connected to a small unit outside, with the HVAC system mounted on the wall. They offer heating and cooling for your mobile home and have greater flexibility in usage. They’re also compact units, fitting well with the size of your mobile home. The fact that they’re easy to install makes them a popular choice for mobile homes.   

    Packaged air conditioner system

Such systems present an all-in-one solution for the perfect HVAC system for your mobile home. These systems have got the coils, compressor, and air handler all combined into one unit. Packaged air conditioner systems are installed outside the mobile home, so you’ll have a lot more space within the home.